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1,000,000 Push-Ups

I've always enjoyed doing push-ups.  Okay, that's a lie - I used to hate  doing push-ups and I was pretty bad at them.  At some point in high school I had done enough that all of the little stabilizer muscles that are required for good form began to get built up, and they stopped making me miserable.  Once I got into martial arts they became a regular exercise for me, and I eventually came to like them. One summer in college I was off campus doing physics research, and I had planned on testing for my Black Belt once I got back from my program.  Black Belt tests are notorious for being extremely grueling, in fact I remember my instructor saying "first we physically exhaust you, then we try to mentally break you, and then we see if you actually know the techniques you are supposed to know".  I wanted to be prepared for my test, so I set a goal for myself to do 20,000 push-ups in the 9 weeks I had to train.  I didn't have much time to get to that goal, so I had to