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What I Learned From 30 Days Without TV

My 30 day challenge for August was to avoid watching any television or movies, and I finished about a week ago.  This challenge was tough, primarily since my girlfriend Stephanie (who I live with) was not under the same restriction.  As a result I ended up catching a few minutes of TV and movies here and there, but I did manage to avoid watching a complete show or movie for the entire month.  Also as a clarification, I exempted things like TED talks, screencasts, and other educational videos from this challenge.  The focus was really to avoid "junk food" entertainment that doesn't provide any lasting value. Surprises Two things surprised me about this challenge.  The first was how hard it was to go completely cold turkey.  In addition to the temptation at home, many of the bars and restaurants I went to in August (obviously) had TVs.  I also spent some time in airports, where TVs are never far away.  If you truly wanted to avoid even looking at a TV for a month it wo