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30 Day Challenge: Vegetarianism

For context about 30 day challenges, watch  this Ted Talk  by  Matt Cutts . My 30 day challenge in September was to be a vegetarian - and a true vegetarian, so no meat whatsoever, including seafood.  I've thought about doing this challenge for a while, and  this video pushed me over the edge.  My goals for this challenge were simple: See what it's like to live as a vegetarian, and what options are available Be more conscious about meat consumption in general See if this is something that I could sustain long-term I did pretty well throughout the month, and only slipped once.  During the first week of the challenge I was at my great-aunt's 100th birthday party, and it was at a restaurant with a fixed menu.  The only options were chicken, salmon, or steak.  The kitchen said that they could make me a plate of steamed vegetables, but I decided that I would make an exception and order the steak.  I don't feel like this means that I "failed" the challen