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30 Day Challenge: No TV or Movies

For context about 30 day challenges, watch this Ted Talk by  Matt Cutts . I'm trying an experiment for the month of August - not watching any television or movies.  I've never been someone who watches a ton of TV, but when I get into a show I can power through a ten episode season in a week.  Throughout July, I spent more time in front of the TV than usual, and some of my other activities have fallen by the wayside as a result.  I got to a point where I was in the middle of four books simultaneously, and working on three concurrent programming related side projects.  When you add that to everything else I have going on (Ultimate frisbee, Taekwondo, preparing talks for conferences, seeing friends, walking my dog, push-ups , work) it became unsustainable.  I would get a little overwhelmed by my schedule, and default to mindless activities to relax.