A New Source For WPO Resources

** Update 12/03/13 ** - This article was deleted by Wikipedia moderators.  If you want the full background on why, check out the deletion talk page.  I have just moved the article to the Web Platform Wiki, which is a more appropriate place for it.

After my last post with its abundance of footnotes, some people asked for a place on the web where they can see an aggregated list of performance resources.  This has been tried in the past, and I believe that it has failed because it has always relied on a single person or entity to update the list.  Ideally we would like to have something that fulfills the following goals:

  • Hosted by a non-partial third party
  • Anyone can update - no single point of failure
  • An existing site that people trust, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel
  • A site with a bright future - we don't want this to be obsolete in a few months

This is starting to sound vaguely familiar...

That's right, the new home (hopefully) for Web Performance Optimization resources is Wikipedia.  This kind of article has some precedence, and is modeled after this List of JavaScript Libraries.  

I put together the initial resources on this page this morning, so it is far from exhaustive.  This is the beauty of Wikipedia - anyone can improve this list, and there will be no single "maintainer".  Go edit it now!  I've linked to this new list from the main WPO article, and my hope is that people will continue to keep it up to date.  I think this is something that our industry needs: a place to point newcomers where they can find links to all of the great content that our community produces.  

That's it - have at it.


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